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I've been documenting for years, the abysmal cybersecurity at Scotiabank. I personally think they're a dangerous bank to be with.

I've now started to serialise to YouTube some of the issues I know about, and have provided the link below. As a customer, I can't help but feel threatened by them.

What I especially don't like is that whenever I deal with their staff, anything they don't want to handle is dealt with through the "Nuremberg defence" (e.g., claim "I'm just following orders"). Personally, I hope that everyone I've dealt with at Scotiabank gets the same Scotiabank treatment at some point, so they can understand what they put others through.

Reason of review: A compounding rats-nest of a problem that is allowed to manifest into something far worse..

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: A no BS chance to sit with someone in charge and ask them seriously, to justify what I've been through, and then we talk about solutions..

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and this reviewer my friends, is a crazy person. Complaints with no true warrants


Thank you!!!

This January 2017 , through Telescotia banking , someone moved $13000 from my line of credit onto a capital one MC which was not mine. Then they moved another $13000 from my savings into that account ready to do the same thing.

I noticed it and stopped it. Strange thing was that somehow all of my scotia alerts were turned off and scotia bank never stopped it ir questioned it. All of it was not within my normal banking habits.

I went throygh their fraud procedures with Equifax and Trans canada Credit and i am on high alert.

Sept 13 2017 while i slept, $35000 went missing from two of my account. Again by Telebanking. Again which i have never used. There were offended when i suggested again a lack of security and possibly an inside job.

I asked them to change my identity and they said there was no need. I am sssssoooooo mad too. As we speak, i am moving all my business and personal money out of the bank. Never to return again.

They refuse to acknowledge a lack of security. I have just got my money back and they can keep playing stupid for all i care.

Please send me the rest of your YouTube vlogs.

to Penny Slimmon #1390937

You should have changed your password day one.

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