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Scotia Bank on Broadway and oak Street in Vancouver bc is the worse and racism teller name Helen and supervisor name Kevin towards black people or with portential of others race. Went to my home to get a replacement card since the ATM took my old card, which I was attend to by the teller name Hellen and she issue me the new card requesting for two pieces of ID card that was given to her .

I later has for $500 to make sure the account is working fine. She finally realized that there is a fraud hold on my account. Now things change and start looking at me funny, asking me questions as a young black that Know my right. I immediately asked to speak to the supervisor since she looks like she doesn't know what she doing or saying.

She print my account transactions detailand took it to her supervisor Kevin who come out and talk to me that it was fraud department that frozen my account. Then I told him to call the the fraud department, which he make the call at my present from is desk. He now come back to me to explain what is happening that there were transactions I did in November at the ATM that race the flag and the fraud department will call me next day after the look in the transaction. I told him that is not a problem and my balance in my account is not a issue.

So I told him I need to withdraw and he ask me how much. The moment I told him that I need $3000 the teller Asian lady immediately wrote on the paper that I first request for $500 on paper and hold it against the monitor but the angle am in I can see her note..I responde right away that it doesn't matter what she writes all I need is my money and I need $3000. After a minute of a pause of Kevin he now offer me $1000 that he can release for pending the final of the fraud department.. I simply ask him to call back the department and he denies the call...

Also ask him was the fund in by account is be investigated, he say Know that the funds is good but my on usual transactions I did in November is the problems. I also request to speak to the branch manager also denied no manager available. Aslo request for the next person above him he say he was the next person and his word is final. When I told him that I will walk in to the branch manager office then that when he told me if I did he will call the police which I found so offensive to get arrested when am trying to get my own money.

Asi was walking to the manager office he now tell the reception name Chris to call the police and he did but the police never show up before I leave the branch since it was not criminal activity. I decide to call the Scotia Bank president office from there present and I was speaking to gentleman name bill which I explain what happened to and ask me if I have been aggressive or use other improper language. I told him know that I was calmed. He advise me to take the $1000 and the branch manager will call me , which promise the will look into it.

This is not my first time experience this kind of racism at the same branch. To hold a main key position in any business you should know how to address your customer regardless of the situation. You never threatening your customer that pay your salary. Now am still waiting for what the manager have to say and there resolution department.

I also request for the camera footage if I have done something wrong for him to call police. What is the reason he call police? This kind of people are not well trained to be in that position. I will never recommend Scotia Bank as a good bank as there employee don't have customer service experience or not well trained to certified there customers.

Still waiting and no person call me from Scotia Bank about the issue.

Please be careful when you go to there bank and maybe the same thing will happen to you.. so who is next that inexperience Scotiabank employee will try to get arrested with there hard working money..

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