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As a former scotiabank employee I can tell you they care about one thing, profit. Since 2010 under the leadership of their current CEO they have posted record profits not because of financial genius but because they have decimated their work force.

Thousands of employees who cared very much about their clients have been unceremoniously dumped, some of us compensated, most like me where not. All major operations have been moved to either Toronto or Montreal, the last Vancouver employees were let go march 28. You can expect to spend hours on the phone trying to deal with problems only to be told you need to visit your branch and there will be no one there to help you regardless as any caring , knowledgeable employees were given the boot. Those left are saddled with ridiculous sales quotas they have no hope of reaching so that they are always being harassed by management to do more.

We were forced to push anything to get customers out of branches and when the federal government dictated that all pensions etc had to be direct deposited scotiabank was all over that . With what I know I would never deal with scotiabank.

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I used to like dealing with Scotia employees. I always found them very friendly.

Over the past couple of years though, I find they are a lot less friendly/chatty. They're more like bad tempered robots. Short, and, unpleasant to deal with.

If you have a problem, their response is more-or-less "that's how it is, so tough ***." They don't even pretend to give a fig anymore, or to want to try and find a solution. I dread having to deal with them, which is why I am now switching to another institution.


Yes, this is true. I worked at the call centre for 4 years.

At year 3.5 (truly, no show off intended) I did consider myself an expert at every single possible scenario and all core banking products and procedures. They really do not care for making things easier for customers.

For the 4 years I did care for the customers, you know? even though 60% of them would yell at me for something they did not like or it was not my fault, but at the end, I received from management nothing but the boot.


Former employee here as well!!! Well, i got a different full time job and still work there on saturdays.

This is COMPLETELY TRUE. All the service staff are part timers now who are under trained and don't care because they are PART TIME. Sales staff are overburdened with more responsibilities and high goals. They unloaded SO many great staff that were actually knowledgeable and cared about their jobs.

There is now no full time positions in the service side. so sad. they have taken many functions from the branches and given them to the large centres where they can pay people far less. Creates more of a hassle for EVERYONE as they spend quadruple the time trying to "call the right person" and on hold trying to find that right person!

ITS TERRIBLE. Scotiabank has shot itself in the foot with this one!

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